luni, martie 02, 2009

Yo Yo Ma

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pescarusul argintiu spunea...

Rafinate sonoritati marca Paganini surprinse la aceasta vioara!
Sa fie un Stradivarius?
Oricum, aplauze si flori pentru interpretare!

Bibliotecaru spunea...

E una din acele viori sub formă de violoncel. :D

Anonim spunea...

Nastase is arrogant. Is crude and he gave the girl arama and blog.

Until the evidence to the contrary is innocent.
I have friends prosecutors. Unlike the period of Nastase, when they came to no longer sleep at night because it had to invent files now are much lighter. That came after Macovei to justice.
I reintilnit with them in recent years and I was wondering as an outside system if the situation has changed in the river. the answer was always: we are free to do our job and sleep cool.

Nastase is a weak man and reached the place where it is, that is the cesspool of politics and not justice because of Ro.
About the only good parliament. Are also people.
Parliamentarians elected uninominal behave like the others, meaning they are a water and land.
Do not put my hopes in them and never had any high hopes in the past.
I am weak from all points of view.
Those from the province, with young children really do not envy you at all.
To stay in Bucharest and not doing anything good and not stay with family seems a great sacrifice and lost time.
For what?